WAVE Conference: 11 reasons why you should join it!

For 25 years, the WAVE Conference has been a place where women from all walks of life can meet, network and fight for what they believe in. In this short video, our amazing WAVE sisters talk about their reasons why they come back to the WAVE conference and their first impressions. Amongst the many reasons …

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The founders’ voice: Lepa Mladjenovic and Urszula Nowakowska

For the celebration of our 25th anniversary, two of WAVE Network’s founders, Lepa Mladjenovic of SOS Hotline in Belgrade, Serbia and Urszula Nowakowska, Vice Secretary of Centrum Praw Kobiet in Poland, spoke about the beginnings of the WAVE Network – the challenges, its goals and what they hope of the future. (more…)

Beijing 1995 – when women’s rights became human rights

The WAVE Network is not the only organisation to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year! Many women NGOs were created and mobilised shortly after the Fourth United Nations World Conference on Women in Beijing in September 1995. The conference offered the momentum for women non-profits such as the WAVE Network to soar and promote women´s rights in …

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Happy 25th Anniversary WAVE!!

This year, WAVE is celebrating its 25th anniversary! The WAVE Network is one of the main and most influential European-wide feminist networks of NGOs aiming to institute gender equality by eliminating all forms of domestic violence against women.

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